About me

I'm a web developer with a love for text, audio, and color. Currently a Front End developer with 1stdibs.


Prosody link | github

Genius, for poets. Minimalist design/controllers. Backbone.js front end on top of Rails API.

Rails controllers defer to jBuilder-- logical heavy lifting done inside Rails models

Leverages Google and Wikipedia APIs to build author information pages on the fly.

Rewrites Backbone's 'toJSON' and 'parse' methods on multiple models to facilitate construction of doubly-nested collections.

Asteroids link | github

The classic arcade game, constructed with Javascript and Canvas.

Applies vector algebra to calculate bounce angles and bullet direction.

Asteroids fragment when destroyed-- game smoothly handles additions to the environment.

Checkers github

Command-line checkers, with a few tricks

Well-organized, extremely readable code.

Autocompletes chains of multiple jumps, pausing for user input only if necessary.


I graduated from the University of Chicago in 2010 with a degree in English Language and Literature. My academic focus was in creative writing, specifically literary nonfiction. My thesis, Disorders, won the David Blair McLaughlin Prize for Special Skill in the Form of English Prose-- you can read that here.

I was also one of three student speakers at Convocation 2010. The speakers were nominated by their peers and selected by committee. You can read a copy of my speech here.


I'm a co-creator and co-host of the Guy Friends Podcast, a weekly podcast that offers romantic advice to anyone that is not a cis-, heterosexual male.

My co-host is Josh Nalven. Our producer is Kate Dries. We get recording help from our lovable intern Lauren Chooljian.

You can listen to the full archive of our show at our website. You can also find us on iTunes and Soundcloud. To ask a question, call 773 234 BROS to leave a voicemail, or email us at guyfriendspodcast@gmail.com. And take a look at our Twitter.

I'm also a contributor to Barnum Effect, and sketch podcast, produced by Lila Newman and Sarah Rosenshine. Barnum Effect is available for free on iTunes or Stitcher.